Introducing broker

IB is an abbreviation of Introducing Broker. When
you introduce a new customer to
us, we will pay a rebate from our fee according to the customer's transaction.

Introducing Broker
promises that it can also be posted on blogs, SNS, seminars, etc. and can also provide a place for influencers to play an active role.

Liberty FX puts the relationship with our partners first,
prepares programs to respond to various types of IB business and business strategies tailored to your needs . Please feel free to contact us for anything.

Communication tailored to IB

Liberty FX has a dedicated IB person in charge and will
support you on many communication platforms.

Abundant Bonus Campaign
Liberty FX regularly offers bonus campaigns, so you can
attract customers with abundant bonuses.

Inquiries about the IB Program
No pre-registration is required for partnership procedures.
We will set up an opportunity to talk directly with customers and confirm their requests.
fill out the dedicated form below and apply, and the
partnership manager will contact you.


Multi-account manager

MAM is an abbreviation for Multi Account Manager, which
is a system in which the MAM manager conducts transactions on behalf of the customer.

We are focusing on the MAM system and
are building a system that allows IB and customers to make smooth transactions.

What is MAM?
Multi Account Manager is one of the account management methods.
The MAM manager (IB) manages the funds on behalf of the
customer and shares the profits according to the investment amount of the customer.
Depending on the operational results, it is possible to receive a success fee determined with the consent of the customer.

Operation by a person with
5 years of experience in MAM operation We provide services with a person in charge who has 5 years of MAM operation experience.
We will provide the best MAM trading environment for IB and our customers.

report issuance You can easily make a transaction on the MAM management portal and issue a report.
Customization is also possible based on various data.


White label

You can launch a Forex broker while using our platform. Please feel free to contact us if you are an IB who wants to launch your own Forex brand.

For those who want to start a broker business,
why not start a new Forex brand using the white label of Liberty FX?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Easy management with Liberty FX's customer relationship management system (CRM) technology.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Easy management with Liberty FX's customer relationship management system (CRM) technology.

CRM report issuance
You can use it for business planning and risk management by extracting detailed data on the amount of customers and the amount of deposits in CRM.

If you would like a partnership, please apply after opening an account